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That was February. This is now.

Work Balance

Looking over my older posts ... I have already (re) learned some things about branching out and having additional clients. (1) Depend on no one client (or two). Things can change on a dime. (2) Working on better balance. (3) To find a steady stream of work that doesn't overwhelm or get lost AND pays on time. (4) Be nice. Always. Even when its difficult.

That "Mommin' is hard, Y'all" kinda feeling

I am thankful for every day I wake up and see the sleepy eyes of my boys. No matter how frustrating the night may have been ... the battle of bedtimes ... their smiles and good mornings renew my soul.

Pool Water and Blue Skies

The best medicine to so many things

Falling in Love ...

I forgot how much I really like watermelon.


(Thank you, Emily Ley) I have refined so much of our "stuff" and it just makes me feel better with each bag we donate. Like bricks off my back. Our spaces are neater. My head feels lighter. Chaos is easier to control.

Vacation for us is quickly approaching. I am finding myself daydreaming about the drive. The need for some additional solitude. I am longing for my feet in the hot sand and staring off into the horizon of ocean water.

My packing list has been refined to try to adopt my 'simplify' mentality. My wardrobe is assembled in my head to avoid over packing (which I will do anyway)

I want to be inspired or at least rest my mind on what is next ... how to grow my business and not die trying. I continue to pray. I continue to try to be well and do good. I believe your heart is rewarded for those efforts.

{Side note: sorting my extensive marker, pen, pencil collection brought so much order to my brain} It really is the little things.

A friend recently shared this with me and I love it.

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