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This isn't the business blog trying to find clients and work ... it's the pleading ... it's my dialogues with the universe as I find my way as a 17+ year experienced designer, a 7+ year experienced mom, almost 45 *YIKES* girl ... still not feeling old enough to pay real utility bills but there I am every month cuttin' checks. Ok, maybe I'm just clicking keyboard squares but you get it right?

Is there such a thing as balance of mom and work? Women are writing books and blogs and articles and on bathroom walls. Talented women - far more talented than this girl and yet no ONE person's answer keeps me comfy in my flip flops with the answers. And. They're not going to be here either ... I'm just rambling. Mom Guilt is real. Falling short on the job happens. I'm trying to do my best 87% of my day. There is approx. 14% where I just give up and notice I've used up 1% too much.

What makes it all better?

New pens.

No. Seriously. New pens can seriously turn the day around.


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