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January took forever ...

I swear I am not complaining (much). I treasure every day I wake up (mostly) but didn't January take forever to get through? Who's with me? Anyone?

As we cruise into mid-February I keep looking at my planner (thank you, Emily Ley) and while it is color coded - why am I not implementing nice handwriting. GAHHHH. This thing should be gorgeous-at-a-glance.

A few answered prayers/intentions revealed themselves in January. I used to be able to survive on one main client. 2017 taught me not to keep all my pretty-designed-eggs in one basket. So while my main client slowed down, other great clients and great projects came my way. I feel the depth of my blessings right now. To get new clients with minimal effort of grazing and scouting. Thats good stuff. Dreams do come true and all that ...

The boys are busy with activities. The house is warm with my cozy Kate Spade blanket. Some other things I am truly diggin' this winter ... Home Town (just got on bandwagon of goodness), Fresh stuff (thanks, K), our patchouli laundry soap, Blue Bloods reruns, and my Aveda candle and updating my day planner with pretty stickers.

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